At GWAM, our mission is to partner with the people of West Africa to provide sustainable solutions for clean water, healthy living, education, and the gospel of Christ

We’re working to provide clean water for drinking, washing and cooking by drilling water wells in West Africa. This simple act gives people a better opportunity to live a healthy life, hope for the future, and stop the cycle of extreme poverty. In addition to drilling wells, we teach lessons about healthy living, environmental sustainability, building faith in God’s love through Christ, peace building, sanitation, and women and children’s advocacy.

  • People – We care about all people and believe in equality. Everyone should have access to the basic needs of life: shelter, clean water, safe food, sanitation, health care and a quality education.

  • Faith – We are all God’s creation and our faith in him is unwavering. We believe that as Christians, we have a purpose and a mission on earth – as servants of Christ – to help people access those basic needs. In doing so, we glorify God and the message of His teaching spreads beyond borders to all nations.
  • Compassion – We continue to learn and grow to love one another and treat others with respect, compassion and love.
  • Together – We work together to bring awareness, hope and support in communities in need of help.

Our Goal

We aim to transform communities. Access to safe drinking water, sanitation, education and the knowledge of God will create a better quality of life now and in the future.

To provide safe, clean water for the people of West Africa while empowering communities through faith, education and civic engagement.