By The Numbers

Drilling wells since 1987

Water & Sanitation

  • New water wells drilled: 1,300
  • Rehabilitated broken down wells: 540
  • WATSAN (Water and Sanitation) committees trained: 1300
  • Water wells disinfected that were contaminated: 5,600
  • Constructed mechanical water systems: 50
  • Community-based hygiene volunteers: 2500
  • Trained water pump caretakers: 1920
  • Institutional latrines constructed: 20
  • Estimated clean water and sanitation human community impact: 1.8 million over the past 33 years
  • Estimated time saved by having close access to clean water: 30%  

Christian spiritual impact over past 33 years

Church congregations established: 750

Estimated baptisms: 50,000

“…I was thirsty…and you gave me drink…” – Matthew 25:35

GWAM helped drill more water wells in the Yendi Municipality to help solve the perennial water problems in the area, which affect the health and learning of so many children in these village communities. 

We helped dedicate a well in January 2016 in the village community of Wambung, in the northern region of Ghana, which serves approximately 90 children in the primary school. The water well serves countless women and children in the surrounding villages. Previously, students had to walk miles to collect bacteria-filled water during the dry season. Now, they can spend more time learning and are much less likely to suffer sickness from water contamination.

Making A Difference

Will you join us? Your donation today will help us bring clean, accessible water to more families in West Africa.