Bikpajab Community Well

Imagine you belong to an 800-person village community, and the only nearby water source is a dirty stream several miles from your home. A water source so necessary, yet so contaminated that it makes you physically ill to drink.

Now imagine having to decide if it’s more dangerous to take the miles-long journey, often in the rain, only to bring back unhealthy, dirty water – or if it’s more dangerous to go without water at all.

That’s what it has been like for Nakpak, a member of the Bikpajab Church of Christ, and Aleena, her four-year-old daughter, for their whole lives. This was until Water for West Africa, with the help of our partners, constructed a safe drinking well, much closer to the Bikpajab community.

“It was too hard to access the water when it rained due to the long walk,” Nakpak said. “The stream was far, which was risky to the women and young girls of the community late in the afternoon or early in the morning.”

New beginnings

Nakpak, Aleena and their community have spent the last few weeks enjoying the many life altering benefits that come with having close access to a safe drinking well.

“It is easy to access water these days. We don’t have to take long, dangerous walks to the dirty stream. Close access to water gives me more time to be productive, improving the livelihood for my family,” she said.

With the aid of donors like you and our partners, Water for West Africa is helping communities like Bikpajab where mothers and children suffer every day from being forced to take dangerous trips over long distances, only to bring back contaminated water.

Our goal is to improve the lives, health and well-being of the people of Northern Ghana through faith and service by helping them find access to the basic yet vital needs of life. Learn more about how you can help or donate directly on our website and share this message, the people of Northern Ghana need your help.


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