Parents everywhere dream about better futures for their children—whether you’re in the US or Ghana.  At GWAM, our hopes seem to be grounded in the same ideas such as success, happiness, good health, and knowing God’s love.

One of the best parts about seeing a community get access to clean water is hearing how those dreams change and grow, and how better health brings new opportunities for village families—children in particular.

The dreams may vary, but they almost always start with a good source of education. Here’s an example of a mother who lives in northern Ghana and dreams about a better life for her son.


A few months ago, while in Ghana, we had an opportunity to talk with Augustina (Pictured above) during an agricultural workshop designed to help village community families know more about good farming practices. Augustina said that she walks – with young Godwin on her back – around 10 miles a day to collect water for her family of five including three children and her husband.

“I try to send my children to school so that when they grow up they are independent in life. I would like my children to be teachers and doctors. When my children go into those professions and then they come back into this village they will be role models. Other children will see them and admire them and want to be educated.”

Through all of our efforts at GWAM, you as supporters continue to play a significant role in helping us develop solutions at the local level that benefit so many in need in northern Ghana. Thank you!

The Result Of Determination

Rural villages in Africa will soon have close access to safe drinking water, which is a reason to celebrate.

Also, you can help transform lives in rural village communities in northern Ghana by giving today. We will ensure that your gift is put to good use to provide life-changing clean water.