Teaching pathways: the message of love and grace in a lost world

One of the focus elements of the work in West Africa is teaching about God’s love and His plan for all people. Regardless of where we live, there is always the need for the message of love. Helping to provide clean water is a gateway to expressing that message. We at Water for West Africa (WfWA) are devoted to this work as we partner with Bible teachers in Ghana to carry the message of God’s love in hard to reach places.

Meet Stephen and Thomas, pictured below. They are two young boys who attend Yendi Senior High and recently accepted Christ in baptism and put their faith in Christ. The Bibles that they hold were purchased through special funding through World Bible School – Ghana. We often take for granted having access to the written message of God’s love, but to people living in rural Northern Ghana, it’s a special privilege.

New life comes in many forms

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems like there is no hope. However, recently the church at Duni (Pictured below) built a new church building that will serve the small rural community of approximately 300 for years to come. Before the new church building was constructed, the congregation was meeting in a much smaller structure. The church member has grown, and the new build in a welcome change. David Wumbei is one of the bible teachers who works with the church in Duni and is pictured below. David is doing a great job in the mission field and is an example of hard work.

We recently talked with David, and he said:

“having the opportunity to serve my people is a blessing. People see the love of God through our service, and they are happy. Clean water and the message of God work together in village communities like Duni. It is a blessing for everyone.”


A couple of years ago, Ghana West Africa Missionsfortunate to drill a new water well and, shortly after that, conduct mobile health screenings. Clean water and health care needs in these communities are great. By piecing together clean water, healthcare, and God’s message of love, the work is well rounded (holistic) to address the physical and spiritual needs of rural village communities.

Over the last year, 36 people have been baptized as the result of evangelism efforts. This is an example of how things work when we seek to improve those in need spiritually and physically.

Putting faith into action to transform communities

In the Bible, Jesus heals people physically and spiritually. Following His example, we at WfWA share life-saving health practices and bring safe water to meet physical needs; our ministry partners share about God’s love, distribute Bibles, and plant churches—meeting a spiritual need. We desire that God would transform communities holistically.