Project Timothy

Also, a key element of the overall program is having the opportunity to teach the local community about the love of God and His redeeming grace. It is always a special time when hearts are touched by understanding the gospel message of love, mercy, and grace.

At GWAM, (Ghana West Africa Missions) we see it important to focus on the spiritual development of those that are being served. That is, in addition to providing the physical needs, we also tend to the spiritual needs as well- this provides a well-rounded individual for the future.

Leadership for Something Bigger

As part of program development, we look for potential leaders from rural villages that have a willingness to become strong leaders in the church for their communities. These leaders or potential leaders are invited to go to Yendi (Northern Region – Ghana) for a two-week training seminar that focuses primarily on Christ’s love, redemption, faithful obedience, spiritual development, prayer, Godly relationships, church principles, and function, etc.. The seminar is hosted and lead by the Yendi church of Christ with an overall purpose of creating an opportunity for spiritual growth – leading to the demonstrations and magnifications of the love of God for all people through faith – and the advancement of the gospel.  As an instrument of follow-up, a program titled Project Timothy was initiated in cooperation with several congregations and individuals. The purpose of the work is to focus on leadership.

Wells Drilled

The Impacting Result

Partly because of Project Timothy community follow-up work associated with clean water well drilling, more than 50,000 people have been baptized into Christ, becoming part of some 800 congregations that have been established in northern Ghana resulting in improved lives. The program of developing leadership is proving results.


For $7,500+ you can fully fund a village water project for a community or school