Simply The Lack Of Access

For years, along with my family and the rest of the members of my community, we have suffered from the lack of access to safe water. We cannot dig a borehole deeper than a couple of meters because the soil crumbles down in the wet season and in the dry season the water goes away.

No More Long Walks For Unsafe Water

For us women, the situation has been very difficult. Before dawn, we get up, then walk six miles with our daughters to fetch water from the pond. Very often we, and our children, get sick when we drink it. In my community, there is a health facility, but the nurse is rarely there, and even if he arrives, there is often no medicine, or we can’t afford it. Sometimes, we consider going to the city of Yendi, but we lack the money to support the cost of transportation, housing, food, and medicine. So when we get sick, it’s very serious.

Recently, our community was blessed with a new water well, which has come to solve one of my biggest problems which was not having safe water close to our village.

How Do You Feel Now?

Very happy. After being blessed by the church of Christ water drillers – Rural Water Development Program – Church of Christ (RWDP-COC) – we now feel so much safer from long walks early in the morning and late in the afternoon. I no longer have to get up before dawn, and my sons and daughters no longer get sick from diarrhea or stomach pains like before from dirty water. The best part is that they no longer miss school.


Drilling A Well For Balemini And Her Village

Thanks To People Like You, We Can Make A Difference!

Ghana West Africa Missions, GWAM, continues to thank all our partners that have had a hand in helping people like Balemini and her family have close access to safe water and the gospel. By God’s grace, we pray that many more just like her will have this type of opportunity in the future.