Gbambaya, Yendi

Imagine you belong to a 300-person village, and the only nearby water source is a dirty pond shared with cattle, sheep, and goats. A water source so necessary yet so contaminated that it makes you and your family sick to drink.

Well, up until now, that was what it was like for Farhana and Adina’s families. For most of their life, they have not had access to clean water for their families. But things have changed thanks to the partnership between Healing Hands (HHI) and Water for West Africa (WfWA). Farhana says, ” I am thankful to God and the people who care enough about her and her family to help them to have clean water, and I no longer have to share water contaminated by animals.”

The Result Of Determination

Rural villages in Africa will soon have close access to safe drinking water, which is a reason to celebrate.

Also, you can help transform lives in rural village communities in northern Ghana by giving today. We will ensure that your gift is put to good use to provide life-changing clean water.