Transforming Communities: Faith in Action

Clean water can change lives. In program areas where churches are present, WFWA helps to train church leaders in foundational principles of God’s mandate to love the vulnerable. Where there is no Christian presence, we partner with local ministries to share the good news of Christ.

In scripture, Jesus heals people physically and spiritually. Following His example, our team shares life-transforming health practices and brings safe water to meet physical needs. Then our local ministry partners share God’s love and help to plant churches—meeting a spiritual need.

We desire that God would transform communities holistically. With no access to a safe water supply, health is perpetually vulnerable, and communities are inhibited from unlocking educational and economic opportunities that could transform their lives. With your help, we can change that.

After recently partnering with Healing Hands International’s (HHI) Walk4Water, Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) and Water for West Africa (WfWA) successfully raised over $45,000 to drill new water wells in communities across rural Ghana.  Through the Austin WALK4Water event, we were blessed by being able to drill five new wells in Northern Ghana communities. One of the communities now blessed with access to clean water is the Kanjotido Church of Christ and the surrounding community.

Nine-year-old Nasa (pictured right) had never seen clear water flow from a clean pipe. Members of the congregation, Nasa, and her family’s lives are now forever transformed. Thanks to the hard work of GWAM and WfWA, and constant support from our partners, the Kanjotido community and Nasa now have clean water.

See more impact images from the Solaayegli, Tuvugu, Kanjotido, Gbaarani, Nalongni, and Kalegu communities that now have safe, clean water – as a result of the caring efforts of the Austin, TX community:

Smiles of joy………no more long, dangerous walks

Before having clean water, Nasa and her mother Hannah two miles round trip to collect contaminated water from the Oti River. But now have close access to clean water within a short walk of their village of Kanjotido Chamba.

Hannah says, “now that we have clean water near our village, my fourth child that I am expecting will be the most blessed. I thank God for that.” 

Clean water can transform lives, and most people can help themselves with a bit of a start leading to community independence and self-reliance. WfWA is working one village at a time to help give this start. What a great way to glorify God through faith in action.

Committed to Serving

GWAM and WfWA remain committed to serving communities like Kanjotido and changing pathways to transform the lives of the people of Ghana. None of this, however, would be possible without your help: your tireless advocacy, your continuous kindness, and your endless generosity.

Clean water changes everything. Join us in providing support to build stronger, healthier communities in Northern Ghana.