Transforming Communities: Healthcare, Clean Water and Faith

God loves the communities we serve and is already working there. Through prayer and intentional care for every household, particularly those in the marginal communities, we seek to join in the excellent work of love. We look for the ways that God is already at work so we can participate in those efforts.

In scripture, Jesus heals people physically and spiritually. Following His example, our team shares life-transforming health practices and brings safe water to meet physical needs. Then our local ministry partners share God’s love and help to plant churches—meeting a spiritual need. We desire that God would transform communities holistically. With no access to a safe water supply, health is perpetually vulnerable, and communities are inhibited from unlocking educational and economic opportunities that could transform their lives. With your help, we can change that.

After recently partnering with Healing Hands International’s (HHI) Walk4Water, International Healthcare Foundation (IHCF), and Water for West Africa (WFWA)  successfully raised over $20,000 to drill new water wells in communities across rural Ghana.  Through the Searcy WALK4Water event, we were blessed by being able to drill a new well and improve water resources for a medical clinic in Northern Ghana communities.

See more impact images from the Yendi Church of Christ Mission Health Center and the Ghani community as a result of the caring efforts of the Searcy, AR community WALK:


Celebrating Partnership Success

Thanks to a partnership between IHCF (International Healthcare Foundation (IHCF) and WFWA, the Yendi Church of Christ Mission Health Center have recently improved its clean water storage capacity by 1000 gallons. This partnership was born out of the clinic’s need for water resource improvements to serve as many as 150 patients daily.  Many of the patients walk for many miles each day to reach the health center for much-needed care.  Often, accessibility to clean water was limited by inconsistent access to water flow. With the new storage capacity, the water is readily available more consistently.

WFWA is working together with HHI and IHCF to produce a WALK4WATER to raise funds for improvements in clean water resources for health centers and communities. Pictured above right, Dawun, her children, and neighbors now have nearby access to invaluably clean, safe water for the many years ahead. Her children will be able to live fuller, happier, healthier lives.

Thanks to all those who donated to this cause in the Searcy community. This blessing will glorify God each day by helping someone in medical need through your generosity.

Committed to Serving

GWAM and WfWA remain committed to serving communities and changing pathways to transform the lives of the people of Ghana. However, none of this would be possible without your help: your tireless advocacy, your continuous kindness, and endless generosity.

Clean water changes everything. Join us in providing support to build stronger, healthier communities in Northern Ghana.