Wells For Well-Being

Many of us will never struggle to fulfill our fundamental needs, yet all over the world, men, women and children are not as fortunate. Three million people in Ghana lack access to a safe water supply. In countless communities across the country, children are dying every day because their most basic human needs are not being met. Lacking access to clean drinking water is an unimaginable struggle we may never face, but we have the power to help those that do.

Abina and Portia are two Ghanaians who knew the struggle all too well. Their community village of Gyanvuuri battled illness, infection and despair due to poor sanitation and a lack of clean water. Community members like Abina and Portia walked over two miles every day to collect unsafe water from a scarce pond shared with animals. These walks took time and opportunities away from community members and were extremely dangerous for women and young children. Consuming this unsanitary water diminished the health of Gyanvuuri people, sickening and killing many. Without access to clean, quality water, the community could never reach its full potential and the wellbeing of the Gyanvuuri people was frequently at risk.

With the help of the Tabernacle Church of Christ of New Jersey and our partnership with Healing Hands International (HHI), Water for West Africa (WfWA) has provided new water wells to several communities in Northern Ghana. Gyanvuuri is one of those communities now blessed with clean water and the lives of Gyanvuuri community members are already being transformed.


Abina is just beginning her education. The new water well has provided Abina safe water for the first time in her young life. Now, she will be more likely to stay in school and complete her education which will open opportunities otherwise unimaginable. Portia, a dress maker, will be more successful in her business and earn a more stable living to support herself and her loved ones. Both Abina and Portia’s dreams are now within reach thanks to the hard workers at Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) and WfWA.

Water is one of the best investments we can make to improve health outcomes, empower women and increase the overall wellbeing and prosperity of communities like Gyanvuuri. GWAM and WfWA are committed to providing this life saving resource to those in need, but without your help, none of this would be possible. It is through your generosity and compassion, that we spread the blessing of water across Ghana, saving lives and uplifting communities.

Committed to Serving

Our goal is to raise $50,000 this Fall, to help purchase a shipment of 100 water well hand pumps to transform more Ghanaian communities.

Your generous contribution will help change more pathways, bringing health, happiness, and hope to communities that need it most.

Clean water changes everything. Join us in providing support to build stronger, healthier communities in Northern Ghana.