Making a difference in Challenging times: A Science and Technology School in Northern Ghana

Having the opportunity to attend a science and technology school is unique in this remote part of northern Ghana. COSTECH school, located near Yendi in the Northern Region, is now changing that circumstance for many. Children, especially young girls, can now change the paths of their community by having an education.

In Northern Ghana, many never have the opportunity to attend school. At an early age, they often work with their parents on the farms to have enough food for the family to eat. Other children have to go to the market-place to sell goods to earn enough money to buy food for the day. Still, others are slave children who have to work at various things to make money for their masters. Life is very difficult for many of the children in Northern Ghana. We are working to allow children to have quality education so that they can be strong leaders in their home communities – all to the glory of God.

Unique for many reasons

COSTECH is unique for many reasons. Primarily, COSTECH is the only science and technology boarding school in the Yendi area of Northern Ghana, which provides excellent opportunities for children from predominately Muslim backgrounds. Among other things, COSTECH helps to build community peace in Christian/Muslim communities. The school has a computer lab (composed of approximately 30 desktop computers), a science lab with microscopes equipped with slides, anatomy, and physiology equipment. All these elements work together to focus on developing individuals for future success in mind for their communities. Every day starts with a morning devotional class where students learn about the grace and goodness of God.

Helping to provide an opportunity for an equal for young girls

COSTECH is also unique because it helps to break the bearers to equality among boys and girls. Often in Northern Ghana, girls and women are denied the opportunity for an education – mostly related to math and science. So the school is playing a leadership role in helping to break those barriers. Recently, COSTECH has topped the annual Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the Northern Region of Ghana, with 31 scoring an A or better – 13 of which were girls. The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the main examination to qualify students for admission into High School and Vocational schools in Ghana. Not every student has the opportunity to move on to High School.

Mr. Nathanian Adam’s Jr., School Founder, said recently,

“When given an equal opportunity, every child has the potential to excel regardless whether they are a boy or girl. Mr. Adams said ten years from now, the area will start producing health and technology professionals to serve the people in rural Ghana since their training instills in them patriotism and Christian values.”


Now there is opportunity

By God’s grace and the help of many of you, the Jr High High School, which began in September 2013 with just the 7th grade and 50 students, now has 7th, 8th, and 9th grade and 103 students through a sponsorship program. Over 75 of the students are now sponsored by donors, but there are still several who need a sponsor to help champion their future. You can help make a difference in the future of a child in northern Ghana by becoming a sponsor of a student.

At GWAM and Water for West Africa (WfWA), we are working to connect the dots between education, quality, clean water, and Christianity to make the world a better place. When these elements all come together, good things happen. Communities thrive, and the entire world is a better place.

The Result Of Determination

Rural villages in Africa will soon have close access to safe drinking water, which is a reason to celebrate.

Also, you can help transform lives in rural village communities in northern Ghana by giving today. We will ensure that your gift is put to good use to provide life-changing clean water.