New Changes for GWAM in 2021

At GWAM, we are excited about 2021 and the future of the work in West Africa. For many years, Josiah Tilton -out of love for Ghana’s people – worked faithfully to oversee the well drilling and evangelism in Ghana. It has often be stated that:

“Change can come in many forms in our lives.

It might come forcefully like a tidal wave, or creep along incrementally like a glacier. It might come in the form of a devastating tragedy, difficult choices, broken relationships, or even new opportunities. Even though change can be difficult, many times it’s also for the best. Accomplishing anything great in life requires us to make significant changes that push us beyond our comfort zones.”

Below are just a few changes that we are making at Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) 

  • New Drilling Rig and Service Truck

We are pleased to inform everyone that the new drilling rig has arrived in Ghana, and the crew is ready to begin using it.  We are so thankful for all those who have sacrificed by giving generously toward the new purchase. We are excited to see the new rig in action, and we will post pictures as soon as they are available.

Beginning in 2021, we are in the process of launching a new brand and website that will exist as a subsidiary of Ghana West Africa Missions. What started as a small project to provide clean water for the people of northern Ghana, Ghana West African Missions (GWAM) has amplified its efforts by transforming into an umbrella organization to help reach its goals. Water for West Africa (WfWA) is focused on public outreach and increasing awareness of the issues impacting Ghana communities, and providing resources needed to lead a healthy life. We are excited to launch WfWA to see what God has planned for the future.

  • North Alabama GWAM/WfWA Location

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, Josiah Tilton began his retirement in July of 2020. As part of the transitional process, we have started to move part of our operations to the North Alabama area. Of course, we will still have a heavy presence in Searcy, AR, and Harding University. However, this transition will allow us to build other relationships with people who can continue impacting and transforming lives in West Africa for years to come.

  • CPA and GWAM Partnership

We are currently partnering with a Certified Public Accounting firm (Tucker, Scott, and Wates, LLC). They will be helping to manage our donation accounting in the new Decatur, AL location. The accounting firm will help with funding transparency and efficiency while being an asset to GWAM’s stewardship practices. So, you will see the accounting firm’s mailing address on the donation envelopes included in the newsletter.

The new mailing address:

GWAM | Ghana West Africa Missions

PO Box 2125

Decatur, AL 35602

  • Quarterly Newsletter

Also, beginning in 2021, as you may have noticed, we are sending out in the regular mail quarterly newsletters instead of monthly newsletters. We think this is a better use of resources with more funding to be spent to bring clean water and the gospel of Christ. However, instead of a monthly newsletter mailout, we will be sending out monthly electronic email updates. Please be sure to go to and send us your email address to add you to the monthly email list.

So as we enter into 2021, we hope that you will continue to trust us as you have for all the past years to work hard to bring about transformative change to communities in Ghana and West Africa.

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