Deciding To Make A Difference

Over this past summer, the White family decided that they wanted to do something that would make a difference in many African lives. So they decided to hike the entire 486 miles of the Colorado Trail to create awareness and raise funds for clean water. So far, they have generated a little over $33,000 to drill clean water wells. The funds will be shared between Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) and Healing Hands International (HHI) to be used in Africa’s specific projects.

The idea started—back in the Spring of this year—when the whole family collected fresh spring water in Colorado’s mountains where they currently live. A couple of years ago, Andy and Lindsey (wife) moved their family from North Alabama to Gunnison, CO, to work with the Gunnison church of Christ. During that family outing, they decided to give their journey to a cause bigger than themselves.

Give Your Journey

They called it “Give Your Journey,” and the idea was to encourage others to do the same. (e.g., hiking, walking, biking, running, paddling, etc. for a cause). Even though Andy and Silas did the hiking, Andy’s wife, Lindsey, and daughters, Sipsey and Cypress, cheered them on along the trail as a support team. Beginning in early July, Andy and Silas hiked the trail in approximately one month. The pictures inside this newsletter help to tell their story of service and faith.

Family Support Team

Lindsey, Sipsey, and Cypress are welcoming the guys at the finish of the Colorado Trail. (Pictured below and left) During the month-long hike, Lindsey and the girls would pick the guys up at various checkpoints so Andy could be back in time to preach on Sundays in Gunnison. Once supplied for the week, they would set-out early Monday morning on the trail again. Silas said one of the best parts for him was getting to spend time with his Dad.

Transforming Lives

We want to say THANK YOU to the White family for their willingness to serve others. Their efforts will transform many lives by having access to clean water in their village soon. Over the next few months, as the rainy season stops in Ghana, GWAM will be drilling new wells, and children will run to those wells early in the morning to collect clean water. Then they will be off to school learning to transform communities as they grow up by faith and service.

The Result Of Determination

Rural villages in Africa will soon have close access to safe drinking water, which is a reason to celebrate.

Also, you can help transform lives in rural village communities in northern Ghana by giving today. We will ensure that your gift is put to good use to provide life-changing clean water.